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Our profession

The profession of vine grower is complicated as well as fascinating.

It is all about growing strong and healthy grapes in clearly bordered areas (terroir) to produce balanced quality wines that tickles your taste buds.

The vine grower works around the year. According the seasons different tasks have to be carried out:

First the size of the stock is determined by pruning. Only several branches of the grape sticks will remain (singe of double "guyot". This work starts in the middle of November and lasts up to the middle of March.

Then the maintenance of the plots takes places. It mainly concerns replacing and repairing the poles and fences.

At the end of the winter and begining of spring the remaining vine stocks are attached with iron strings (about 3 to 4 miles per acre). During this period of coldness the work in the vine cellars continues just like selling en delivering.

Spring time is all about soil maintenance according to specific methods (digging, removing weeds and spraying weed killers). This is done in an ecological way respecting nature.

In the middle of april we start bottling. Eventually there is pruning work and general maintenance to do in the summer.

September: month of the harvest.

Usually the grape harvest starts by the end of September. It is the result of all the effort and long days of working at the vine yard. A team of vintagers performs the harvest. The Schneider family prefers to do this by hand. The grapes are pressed pneumatically which so the grape juice keeps it's quality. This is followed by a 24 hours period of rest to seperate the liquid from the remainings. Afterwards the grape juice is being checked several times. Temperature and fermentation process is constantly monitored.


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