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Domaine Schneider from Ammerschwihr produces a broad variety of Alsatian wines. They give a good image of the Alsace as a region. Schneider manages the Domaine. The Domaine has a size of about 10 hectares, part of which is situated on the famous Kaefferkopf mountain. The Domaine also owns a small part of the Grand Cru Mambourg. From this mountain come specialities on which there is no mention of the name Mambourg. A tip for connaisseurs and wine lovers.

Six reasons to choose wines from the Domaine Schneider:

  • Ammerschwihr is situated in the heart of one of the best wine regions of the Alsace; 
  • Domaine Schneider offers a broad variety of wines and with that offers a complete picture of the Alsace region;
  • Domaine Schneider offers wines of the famous Kaefferkopf mountain, which has since 2007 the Grand Cru status;
  • The price/quality ratio is excellent;
  • Domaine Schneider has a clear and modern style of wine making with its own distinctive personality in the whole range of wines;
  • Domaine Schneider produces its wines in a very careful and modern way in a well equiped and modern cellar.

The Domaine has mainly private clients in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. The clients of Domaine Schneider are attracted by the combination of tasty wines of high quality for an acceptable price.


The Riesling is one of the best white wine varieties. It gives a pure and delicate wine. It reflects the terroir like no other grape. Our Riesling Kaefferkopf e.g. combines fruit and minerality. It kan be kept for years, during which it develops the rich bouquet of well-made old Rieslings. Riesling is best for dishes with white meat, seafruit and the famous Alasatian Choucroute. Serve between 5° and 7° C. More about the Riesling


A full bodied, very aromatic wine, in a dry style. Made in our winery to optimally express the character of the variety. Perfect for aperitif or with asian dishes, strong cheeses or desserts. Serve between 5° and 7° C. More about the Gewürztraminer

Pinot Blanc

Our pinot blanc, made from old vines (vieilles vignes) is a subtle, fresh and fruity wine, with great length for a pinot blanc. It's well suited for dishes like fish, "quiches" and fowls. More about the Pinot Blanc

Pinot Noir

Powerfull, luxurious and full bodied is the best description of this wine. An excellent companion of paté's, red meat and game. Serve between 8° and 10° C. More about the Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir rosé

Our Pinot Noir rosé is fresh and fruity, perfectly suited for spring and summer. The juice stayed in skin contact for about 24 to 30 hours to obtain the best characterics for this rosé. Try it at your BBQ. Speciality of our winery. Serve between 8° and 10° C. More about the Pinot Noir Rosé

Pinot Gris

A full bodied complex white wine, with a nice fruity bouquet with spices and black pepper. A wine for stronger dishes like foie gras and turkey. Also great with strong cheeses like Reblochon. Serve between 5° and 7° C. More about the Pinot Gris

Muscat d’Alsace

Another speciality of the Alsace and of our winery: Muscat famous for its exceptional fruitiness in the bouquet and on the palate. Excellent for aperitif but also great with e.g. asparagus. Serve between 5° and 7° C. More about the Muscat d'Alsace


This old Alsatian grape variety gives a pleasant fruity white wine, excellent with light meals or fondue. In most cases the Chasselas is used for blends, but we make a "cepage", that is a 100% Chasselas, a speciality of our winery. Serve between 5° and 7° C. More about the Chasselas


A fresh, light white wine, excellent for salades and white fish. The Sylvaner is underrated, but can give you great wine pleasure, provided the wine maker knows his job. Try our Sylvaner and you'll like it! Serve between 5° and 7° C. More about the Sylvaner


Our Edelzwicker is a white blend made from different varieties. It's a wine you can enjoy every day. Serve between 8° and 10° C. More about the Edelzwicker


“Le crémant d’Alsace” is a sparkling wine, made in the traditional way, the “méthode traditionelle”. Our Crémant is made from a blend of pinot blanc and pinot auxerois. Our Crémant Rosé is made from the pinot noir. Both Crémants are excellent and are between the best of the Alsace. Perfect for all your celebrations and did you know it's very well suited as a diner wine? More about the Crémant

Vendanges Tardives

Our late harvest "Vendanges Tardives" wines are very special. We can only produce them if nature provides the perfect weather. We make our late harvest wines solely from the four noble varieties: Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Muscat d’Alsace. We pick the overripe grapes affected by noble rot (pourriture noble) giving the wine its characteristic bouquet and palate: sweet with impressions of nuts, intense and with a very long and pleasant aftertaste. Enjoy these masterpieces with dishes of the highest quality, like foie gras, sweet dessert, the famous Munster Cheese etc. Also excellent for aperitif. More about the Vendanges Tardives


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